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Bones - Creep

By SupaSortahuman, 06/19/2013 - 9:31pm
941565_574537849257977_1924571171_n To me Bones's newest tape "Creep" is a masterpiece and most definitely one of the best tapes to come out this year. Formerly Th@ Kid, Bones has been putting in work dropping mix tape after mix tape and constantly collaborating with people, whether it be him making them a video or them making music together. Soon as I heard his song "Air" I knew this project was going to be special, and the whole vibe and feel of that track and it's video really hit hard with me. On this tape he works with a ton of producers and has features from the likes of Eddy Baker, JK the Rapper, Na$ty Matt, Slim Guerrilla, Dxrty Rxd, and even Yung Lean! He is one of the new artist that actually progresses with everything he puts out and I have a lot of respect for Bones no doubt. Whether it be the way he has come into form with his rap style or it be his VHS style he's making all his videos with, he really has come up with his own lane that allows him to really stand out. I am sure he will have a whole lot of biters trying to jock his style in the near future for sure, but hey, that is as much of a compliment as it is a bad thing. Be on the lookout for probably ten or so more tapes to drop this year if he keeps moving at this rate. Download CREEP here and you have to get his collaborative tape with one of my other favorite artists Ethelwulf which is coming very soon.
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