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Jeremih In The TRENCH: The MVNEYDVNCE Remix [Post-Lean Zone Muzik]

By CrimeZone20xx, 06/21/2013 - 12:30pm


Been listening to the OG Jeremih track "All The Time" for a minute now, and it was the perfect excuse to zone the fuck out for like three hours straight in my room, just sitting there watching screensavers. This new MVNEYDVNCE remix takes it to a whole new level, though; exploring chill-zones I didn't even know existed. Apparently this shit is a real trench beat, and I can understand that pretty well, now. Imagine you're dreaming, your astral body having just stumbled upon an literal World War I trench circa 1915. You're somewhere in France, the sky isn't quite the right color, and the grass is more blue than green. All of the sudden these clouds open up and a torrential downpour of promethazine douses you in a blissful lethargy. You crawl down in the trench, chillin' with all the golden skeletons gleaming in this weird, overcast sunlight. "Gonna sit here a while", you think. Maybe you wake up, and maybe you wanna stay; but MVNEYDVNCE is your cosmic key to getting there in the first place. Some real post-screwed type of stuff. Stream below!

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