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Quests and Botanical Gardens: An Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Deth P. Sun

The work of visual artist Deth P. Sun is about as vibrant as they come. The California-based artist coats his pieces in pastels, knee-deep in a multidimensional dreamland both relatable and hallucinatory. He has a continual (and possibly autobiographical) character, similar to that of Jim Woodring's Frank, who travels around the world with a sword, with some coffee, with some cigarettes, with some books. With a love of...


Anderson .Paak Combines Three Songs in New Collage Crazed Video

We've seen so much great music already this year, and the hits just keep on comin'. After releasing his album Malibu back in January, Anderson .Paak continued his streak by signing with Dre, killing SXSW, killing Coachella, killing Broccoli City, and now releasing the mesmerizing double triple music video for “The Season / Carry Me" and "The Waters” with BJ The Chicago Kid....

Мишка Records Presents: P2THEGOLDMA$K's Ballin' Cause I'm Ballin'

P2THEGOLDMA$K is slowly and surely becoming one of my favorite rappers. Although he hails from San Antonio, Texas, P2 aka KO$A is your favorite internet rapper's favorite internet rapper. Releasing a slew of content, the prolific and hardworking artist has collaborated with Mishka on numerous occasions. First with HTTP2 last year, then with DAD Tape earlier this year, and now, with Ballin' Cause I'm Ballin...


ULTRAFRAGOLA: Daydreaming with Chandy

Wow. Remember back in September of 2014 when we premiered a single by Chandler London called “Planet Dank”? It doesn't seem that long ago, but at the same time, it feels like a lifetime since that release. Since that time, Chandler London has transformed into Chando as well as became part of the quartet Beach Jesus. They've released a significant amount of music...


Hip-Hop, Grass, and Zines: An Exclusive Interview with Zachg

I recently had the opportunity to speak with blogger/rapper/illustrator zachg about his most recent album "ERRLIRL," Judaism, marijuana and Florida; I'm also excited to have the premier of Zachg's newest video "Dat Werewolf" for all of you Mopsters out there Keeping Watch...Enjoy! 

ANIMALKRACKA: For the uniformed, who are you and what are you? What is your mission statement...

Junk in the Truck: A Poem About a Ghost

Everyone knew about it.

It always parked in alleyways and underpasses, grabbing scraps and packing on more.

The back of the truck was a thrift store, a pawn shop,

a secondhand trash can for a vintage fiend hustler.

A safari hat, some plastic chairs, more wires to nowhere than anyone needs.

A snare drum, an old calculator, manilla envelopes with unknown documents.

Stuff. Junk. Rust.

Every week was something new, something missing,...



[Photo by Andrew Zeiter for MishkaNYC]

A man named Tree played in a BYOB sushi bar that only used red lightbulbs. He had a backup band that played a handful of his hits while a female jazz singer sat on a foot rest and added backing lines.

The restaurant used lounge albums from 2001 as drink coasters....



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