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Katie Got Bandz - Drillary Clinton [Comments Section Disabled]

By CrimeZone20xx, 06/26/2013 - 5:30pm
katiegotbandz-4.1.2013-660x365 The comments section of YouTube videos; fabled sparring grounds of the most mentally deficient, morally bankrupt, acid-tongued, totally, completely, utterly awful human beings this small blue planet has to offer. And I think like 95% of them congregate at Katie Got Bandz videos. Nobody pays much attention to how hard some of those bangers go, though. People just be busy makin' Shrek references at the expense of poor girl's face. Truth be told, Katie's rapping is uh...pretty...darn...okay? It's nothing special, but she's got so much other unstoppable talent on her mixtapes and singles that it doesn't matter too much. She's definitely got the 2Chainz Rap Method down perfectly. With-a. Cadence. Like. This. Mother. Fucker. Like I said, the rapping is tangential. Real shit pops off when you're about a quarter way through the tape and realize that BlockOnDaTrakk just hasn't let up on that production in the slightest. Perfect tape for getting suuuuuper dumb this weekend. Stream below!
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