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Yung Lean - Unknown Death 2002 [Free Album Download]

By Behold the Destroyer, 07/09/2013 - 1:40pm
yung-lean-unknown-death-front-cover Imagine a swirling cloud of sadness, internet ephemera, and Arizona Iced Tea dependency formed into a rap album and you're pretty close to Yung Lean's Unknown Death 2002. It's an album made by a Swedish teenager—geeked up on wild sugary, import iced tea—with beats crafted from the sound of your horse dying in Ocarina of Time. If you find it weird that a member of the EU would be rapping about sadness and Pokémon while rocking a bucket hat collection that would have 2002 Dame Dash envious; consider for a second that dude is rapping from a place where import iced tea, is a real thing. Everything about this album will be weird, because normalcy is foreign. True to his name, Lean has created an album that's soaked in codeine at its core. Unknown Death is a hazy and dragged out exploration of emotion from a dude that heavily identifies with Pikachu. I've never done lean with a 15 year old and asked him about his struggle, but I have to imagine, it'd sound a lot like this. "Hurt" somehow functions as both a lowkey club floater and a coded trek through the cycle of emotional pains caused by shawtys. A single piece of frost fell from Omarion's icebox heart, it was "Hurt". "Oceans" is a threat, a song about cunnilingus, and a song about self reflection. I'm not sure how it works, but you can ride to it. Lean talks about fucking dinosaurs on the track; which once again, I don't understand the logistics of, but I support. "Lightsaber Saviour" might be forged from the tears of dying androids and sensitive thugs. Heated by the boasts of a million duds stuntin' to hide their pain. This is the only song that could spawn mass emotional outbursts at ComicCon and the Compton swap meet. Unknown Death could be a requiem for every unread Xanga journal. It might be the sound of countless unrequited n00dz. It is definitely the cry of infinite myspace band profiles, Soundclouds and Last.fm pages, with counters that permanently read "37 viewers". It is the sound of all those dreams lost, like tears in the rain. Stream Unknown Death below, download it here.
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