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Mother Brother's Bad Boy Summer Mix 2 Is Here To Bring Your Booty Back To Life

By CrimeZone20xx, 07/11/2013 - 5:30pm


Since Yung Lean dropped his debut a couple days ago, the Internet has fallen into a collective sugar-coma, fueled by Arizona Iced Tea, sadness, and Louis duffel bags. Thankfully, and just in time for the weekend, this new trap house mix of ADHD debauchery from Mother Brother is here to act as your figurative vial of smelling salts. Or is it miracles? I forget which one wakes you up from comas and not just fainting at the sight of blood.

Either way, this mix from these Brooklyn party wizards ought to get your hype levels back to max again. Be prepared for spontaneous pool parties and legions of gyrating booties to occur without a moment's. Blast this from your cabin at computer camp and watch 'em all flock. Play it on your Jambox in your cubicle and annoy your friends and co-workers. You're a trap star, now. You answer to no man.

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