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Synthwave, VGM, And Main Attrakionz Finally Collide On Bricktape

By CrimeZone20xx, 07/11/2013 - 9:30pm
BDE The "Best Duo Ever" dropped a new tape recently, and it's laden with slow jams, Miami-beach sunset beats, and a whole lotta video game samples. Tracks like "Still Care 4 Ya" and "Stackin' Up Bands" definitely bringing in some new instrumentation; foregoing machine-gun high hats and sub-bass hoovers in favor of an R&B-styled retro arcade feeling. Squadda B and MondreMAN should probably look into rapping over a Mitch Murder beat. It's all very much based on kush n' codeine, but the production feels a little different than other Main Attrakionz releases. You've still got hard-as-fuck club bangers like "Bricktape" and "G.O" to even out the playing field, along with a slew of other tracks on this hour+ long mixtape, so hit up the Mediafire link to d/l, and chill hard to tailor-made chillin' muzik.
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