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I Declare War On Lil Kids

By Behold the Destroyer, 07/17/2013 - 10:00am
Give some little kids some sticks, rocks, and a lack of adult supervision; and they'll either start a game of "make believe" war or beat the shit out of each other. Sometimes if you're lucky, both happen. I Declare War turns a childhood battle into something that's a pretty close to a crossover between The Sandlot and Apocalypse Now. Kids get shot, shit blows up, and one dude gets laser vision because he probably didn't understand that they were play "war" and not "superheroes". Like real war, girls on the front line is still an issue; unlike real war everybody goes for punch and pie at the end. I Declare War is on video on demand and iTunes on July 26th; in theaters August 30th. Relive your childhood battles.
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