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Seeing Someone Get Blown Up Is Magic

By Behold the Destroyer, 07/17/2013 - 3:30pm
There's no greater moment in a young boy's life, than the first time he sees an incredibly violent action movie1. Preferably, a Schwarzenegger joint. Seeing wildly jacked, steroid enhanced dudes shoot the shit out of bad guys with military grade weapons, in simple morality plays; really speaks to the Y chromosome dudes carry. In this video for Mama Hope (an African charity), a lil dude named Alex from Tanzania, recalls one of Schwarzenegger's classic films, Commando. There's a pure uncorrupted joy in this kids retelling of the film that speaks to the power of movies about swole dudes righting wrongs that no one else will. Some will argue that a small child shouldn't be watching a movie where approximately 300 dudes get off by a pissed off Austrian. Those motherfuckers don't understand that fictional violence is as integral to lil dudes' development as balanced meals and nap time. Small kids love explosions and bad guys getting their asses handed to them. It speaks to their tiny cruel hearts. Alex's love of Commando really proves two things; 1. Arnold is for the kids and 2. poor African kids are just like your lil brother that lost his shit when you took him to see Fast and Furious 6. 1. Possibly the first time you realize the awesome, suppleness of breasts is better, but that's really the last moment of boyhood and the first moment of manhood. Technically that prolly shouldn't count.
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