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Infinitely Visual Frequencies

By Whobangin, 08/15/2013 - 11:12am
Japan's Infinity Frequencies has recently been extending the artistic consistency seen with his music, into visual treatments. The growing artist has uploaded 4 videos to his personal youtube within the last month. For the most part, these visuals are a progressive step in Infinity's aesthetic. The songs are calming with analog feels that still renders like a lost hologram from decades ago. This is all stated without intentions of boxing the artist. Aside from his usual steez, experimental collaboration videos and songs have been released during said duration as well. Infinity has recently been linking with Florida's Black Ant both musically and visually. Expectations of a release isn't confirmed at the moment, but interesting remixes have leaked out. Stay Tuned. If you have been sleeping and aren't a fan of singled out soundcloud tracks, you can always take some time and download Infinity Frequencies' most recent album Computer Death right here for free.
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