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Okkult Shit 101 – Aghori Sadhus

By SINS, 08/26/2013 - 11:01am
Aghori What do these Hindu Aghori Sadhus have to do with the okkult? Well basically Aghori Sadhus are the most bad ass mutha fuckas on the planet. They live in a cemetery for 12 years and their only possession is a bowl made out of a human skull. They regularly bath in the ashes of the dead and sometimes resort to eating human flesh pulled off of the funeral pyre. So basically they are infinitely more hardcore than you or I. Why do they do all this? They believe that what is beautiful or repulsive is subjective and in order for them to get closer to Shiva they must embrace the repulsive and become one with it since it is also an aspect of Shiva. But more importantly they get bad ass supernatural powers too. There is a lot to be learned from these wise, dark men. For example, you won't be very good at the okkult unless you can control your mind through extended periods of meditation. And whether you want to learn about the okkult or you’re just a normal dood, we all could benefit from questioning what is beautiful or repulsive. Who taught you what it is that repulses you? Was it the media, your parents, teachers, society, hip hop videos? Regardless of who taught you these things, all of your beliefs should be questioned and explored on a deeper level. I thought long and hard about whether or not to run off to India and become an Aghori, but unfortunately I love synths, clubs and boobs way too much to go live in a cemetery for 12 years. Bummer. This was a very simplified explanation, please explore more about the Aghoris yourself and check out the documentary below.
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