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Auditory Vol. 10: New Sounds

By Bernard Chillcut, 09/03/2013 - 11:23am
new This week on our incredible column on your favorite music, we look into some amazing new sounds. I want to let everyone know that as I finish writing this, I am relaxing on Labor Day and listening to loads of sensational music, and to let everyone in on a secret, relax! One of the many great issues in this country, is we over work ourselves and put to much stress on our lives. Make sure you listen to the tracks I post, relax and breathe. ------ First up this week we have a new EP from Baltimore producer, James Nasty. Nasty has been a staple of the Baltimore club scene and beyond. Nasty's productions are constantly amazing and always taking the famous Baltimore sound and turning it upside down. Check out the EP below and make sure you buy. This track premiered on the new Vice dance and electronic blog, Thump, but was to good for me not to post. Psychic Mirrors, is a ensemble of muscicans straight from the city that brought you Scarface and the Dolphins, Miami. The group makes delicate and amazing boogie music, that will have you wanting more. The group have a releases out now on the always essential, PPU label out of DC. Check out"Midnight Special," and support. Next up, is a new release from the budding young star, Anthony Naples. Naples recently started his own imprint, Proibito Records, and now ill releases his own single on the label simpley titled, P O T. The project is a two track single of two 10 minute plus tracks of delicate and odd house music. As always Naples destroys the music and both are great cuts. Check out the tracks above. Telefuture, a label featuring in 80's revival cuts brings a new EP from Vincent Salvia. Salvia drops three delectable cuts including a track that sounds really great with vocalist Chrissy Valentine. The track sounds like it was left off the Top Gun soundtrack. Check out the track above and make sure you purchase the EP below. The real Tony Hawk would never make tracks like these because he skateboarding, but producer Tony Hawk Pro DJ, is making some glorious club remixes. While the track is a semi mashup of the Baha Men and KW Griff, it sounds amazing and is really amazing for a Baltimore Club track.  Check out some of his other work on his soundcloud and make sure you support. California producer, Botaz, drops off his first single on the newly minted label, Paradise Rhythm. The tracks are amazing and it sounds like a cross between Jam City and early Anthony Naples. The two tracks show just how much quality this young producer has in his tool kit. Make sure you check out, superatchet,and please support.
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