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Auditory Vol. 11: It's A Good Day

By Bernard Chillcut, 09/09/2013 - 11:30am
tumblr_mmz1ufsU8R1ry1hqto1_500-001 Welcome back friends, to another new episode of Auditory. Due to the fact that I am writing this and its Sunday, along with the fact that the NFL started today, makes it a good day. I will keep the intro short this week . I just want everyone to relax and enjoy some good tunes. First up this week, we have a pretty incredible new album from Argentian producer, Bbrainz. The man has released music before , which we highlighted, and it all resembles 80's funk with bits of house and R&B. Some of you may recall the music as being Vaporwave, but I don't see it like that at all. Make sure you check out the album below and please support this youngster. Next up, we have a new release from LuckyMe Records as they are getting ready to release a new one from Austrian artist, Cid Rim. The EP titled, Mute City, takes electronic music to a different dimension, as advance from the preview track above. Cid Rim, a background in jazz allows him to take some deep musical history with him as he makes some gorgeous music. Check out two tracks, one is a preview of the EP and the other was a premiere on Dummy Mag. Check out a new track from Post-Life producer, Shisa, a man who makes some pretty interesting and amazing sounds. Shisa has seen his music spread across a wide arrange of platforms and labels and recently releases a new two track EP, heroin, cherry pepsi, cigarette kiss/earlyfall. We have the first track up for preview above and make sure you check out his album, Finer Red, to hear more of his creative music. Trilogy Tapes and its leader, Will Bankhead, deliver another amazing release this time from, producer Eomac also part of the duo, Lakker. Along the lines with some of their other recent release, Eomac makes some incredible dubby inspired house music, both awesome and experimental. The release marks another great find from the label. Check out the preview above and please support. Lumigraph, who previously had a excellent release on Opal Tapes, is getting set to release a new EP on the label Mister Saturday Night. In case you are unfamiliar with the label, its the brainchild of Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin who created one of the best parties in NY, Mister Saturday Night. The two turned it into a label and have been releasing some amazing music from the likes of Anthony Naples, Hank Jackson and now Lumigraph. Check out a preview from the Dublin based producer above. Finally this week we have something from John Daly, the Irish producer, who has been a staple of house and disco music for quite sometime. Daly releases his new album, Listen, on the label, Further Records, under his new moniker, The Smoke Clears. If you like "outsider" dance you will fall in love with these tracks. Check out some previews above and make sure you purchase.
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