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All Wifed Out - See It For Yourself

By Scott Mitchell, 11/22/2013 - 11:26am
It's 2013 and just about any argument that the rom-com has been done to death is probably pretty valid.  The lovable fuck up somehow comes to realize that everything he ever wanted was right in front of him, or was miles away in the form of a high school ex girlfriend or something. All Wifed Out is standing on the shoulders of giants and duds alike. The cast of this movie seems almost too good to be true with appearances from Marc Maron, Eve, Dustin Diamond, Metta World Peace, and the true star of the movie Fabrizio Goldstein; known to the internet as the Fat Jew. This one is smarter, and funnier than you expect. The truth is that the boss is a likable asshole, the off the wall best friend character is more interesting than the protagonist, and we can't decide which girl this guy should end up with. This falls somewhere between The Hangover and a Thought Catalog think piece on why you're still single and you should definitely see it for yourself. Currently available on iTunes.
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