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Double Feature Capsule Collection! Army Of Darkness Meets Ghost World

By Behold the Destroyer, 12/02/2013 - 1:43pm
DoubleFeature-IGGhost World Capsule CollectionArmy Of Darkness Capsule Collection Back in the day, drive-ins and dollar theaters would show double features of random movies. You'd get two movies for the price of one, and the theater would expect you to spend wild amounts of money on overpriced snacks. Win/win, especially if you're a teenager trying to waste as much time as existentially possible. Thanks to double features, many of us were put onto cult movies we'd most likely not have gotten into; weird joints that may not have set the box office on fire, but still really touched the hearts of a vast array of weirdos. In celebration of double features and (more importantly) two movies we love dearly, we're dropping our Ghost World and Army of Darkness capsule collections. While Ghost World is a darkly funny movie populated with weird outsiders, fuckups, and sarcastic protagonists; Army of Darkness features weird outsiders, fuckups, a sarcastic protagonist, and the living dead. If you're a fan of Мишка you've probably been influenced by one or both of these, go ahead and shop the capsule collections, and rep the specific breed of sarcastic fuckup that speaks to you deep in your heart.
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