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What's It Wirth

By AJ Suede, 12/03/2013 - 12:44pm
jawirth Astrology governs the lives and decisions of many on our planet. People judge people based on zodiac signs and the traits that come with them. So what can you say about a Taurus? The bull is known to be headstrong and stubborn, but also grounded as it is a sign of the earth. The artist known as Jay Wirth displays this in his new visual for 'Taurus.' The song comes in the form of bars without a hook, which can also be related to the nature of the title. I’m sure a bull with not serenade you with a chorus before it kills you with its horns. Get familiar with the 17 year-old Pennsylvania emcee when the Bueller EP drops 1/21/14. Jay Wirth on Bandcamp  
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