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Godmode Presents Motion Studies Tonight In Brooklyn

By FuckinFanell, 12/10/2013 - 10:39am
unnamed Tonight marks the debut of Motion Studies as a fully realized band. Tonight also marks the Motion Studies' debut as the newest signee of GODMODE.
After releasing a new single on GODMODE in October, what was once a one-man operation has turned into an 8-piece live show, debuting Tuesday.
Motion Studies features members of Mr. Dream and Mishka photographer, Tara Chacón. Their "cassingle" was also the #25 best cassette of 2013 according to MySpace. The 5 track collection comprises winding, sex soaked and groove laden music. But these tunes aren't just for the body — the mind and the soul both have plenty of revelry to indulge in here. Motion Studies is by far one of the most immediately rewarding and exciting bands to be debuting this Holiday season. Motion Studies' music appeals to the audiophile looking to get lost in sophisticated and deep tracks, but it also has everything you need to bump, grind and sweat out any demons that you just need to dance the fuck out. All of the bands performing are part of GODMODE. Come by Silent Barn this Tuesday for a unique showcase that is sure to expose some of the most exciting and original bands in Brooklyn.
Shut up and support your local scene. GTA V will be there tonight, and Grandma's Boy will never not be on demand. Save your excuses. They suck. Show details:
Silent Barn, 8pm Tuesday, Dec. 10th 603 Bushwick Ave Brooklyn, NY
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