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How To Hustle v. RAM

By Whobangin, 12/12/2013 - 2:30pm
best-buy-computer-simulated-visual-merchandising-display-highq Alright, so I got an email a few weeks back that requested I write a " How-to" article. I'm not much of a teacher and the adventures I choose to partake in are better off kept away from a blog. So there I was, stuck in a little bit of a web trying to scheme like Charolette and it came to me. An applicable way to share some quick basics in hustling: How to get free computer RAM. Now, I'm not going to be too specific about how you should go about this. I'm not trying to catch a case like the dumbass that got caught up via youtube for scamming $6 worth of fast food. Not uh. If you happen to be curious, just soak up a little bit of game and apply it as you see fit. 1. Go to a store that carries computer supplies, find ram that looks very similar to the one already in your computer, snatch it up, and pay using cash. We don't like evidence. **All ram looks the goddamn same. Little green stick with the gold speckles made of sand. Just focus on keeping your sticker size/length/placement identical.


2. Go home with your purchase, wipe the coke dust off your razor and finesse the side to allow your item's exit. We don't want this shit looking like a Buzz Lightyear box after the Christmas of 95'. We need this baby returned to its home planet without raising suspicion. 3. Peel the sticker off the new RAM, then stick it to your coffee table for safe keeping. Snatch up your old stick and do the same. If your stick happens to be old you can borrow your little sister's hair dryer and blow warm air on it for a few seconds. I can't stress "few seconds" enough. We don't want anything melted. You're just trying to loosen up the glue enough to make removal easier. 4. Exchange stickers. 5. Put your old RAM stick with the new sticker into the plastic package you purchased earlier and return it. Happy Holidays.
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