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.CULT - #YFB [Free Album Download]

By Behold the Destroyer, 02/04/2014 - 2:04pm

 #YFB is here and we’re pretty sure it’s going to offend everyone. This is not the album to play while driving with your mom to your little brothers soccer game. It's got no slow jams for the ladies. You won’t be able to play this shit at a “reasonable level” during causal Fridays at the office. Looking at the cover to this mixtape is probably an actionable offense at most offices. Shoutout to explaining the difference between art and pornography to HR. .CULT is a trio out of Arizona putting out rap that skirts the line between early 90s wordplay; fun house horrorcore production, and dead baby joke wit. You probably didn’t realize those things shared a border, but rap topography is an ever changing, living art. Basically, they make shit that sounds a lot like the songs that got young Earl Sweatshirt deported to a boys school in the Pacific Ocean. The album features 15 tracks of slander to various deities, vividly described sex acts, terrorism, drug use, calls to armed insurrection, and ultraviolence. It's all the things we love in America, over some 808s. Features from the likes of Nacho Picasso, Noah23, Sortahuman, Swagtoof, and Blue Sky Black Death.In retrospect we should have just used a parental advisory sticker as the cover for this, but that wouldn't have weirded out the woman with a yoga mat reading this over your shoulder.

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