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Cashy – Platinum Plus EP

By neonpajamas_2, 02/10/2014 - 9:36pm
cover I heard about Cashy through SteadyBloggin'. Those dudes are always looking out for something new. The artwork for Cashy was the first thing to catch my eye. Like many of you reading this, I thought, “Only an EP with that artwork? Yeah, I can find some space.” Platinum Plus. I want this artwork in my room. PURP DOGG (https://twitter.com/FUCKPURP) produces the entire project. I didn't recognize his name, but I found out that he produced Soulja Boy's “We Ready” that Drake so famously remixed. The beats on Platinum Plus are outstanding. They drive the words. “Ride around with weed on me, my dress code got seeds on me.” From what I can gather, Cashy is cool with people calling him Dolla and he's from “south of Miami.” That's all you need to know in order to get into this project. Simple pianos and drums, bass meant for a car. Cashy has that menace that spits out of his mouth. A voice of authority but also someone jumping on a balcony ledge, dancing with the devil. Andre 3000 is an obvious comparison, and the South is very real in his rhymes, but he has his own swagger, a comfort party that you never want to leave. He isn't afraid to let his voice squeak and it adds to his origins and story tellings. No guest rappers stop by and no one is upset about it. This is a two man show between Cashy and PURP DOGG. When I downloaded the project, my iTunes had PURP DOGG in all caps. That being said, even if it was typed normally, I'd still type it PURP DOGG because THE PRODUCTION IS SO SIMPLE AND SO SMOOTH. Loop “Stupendous” for days. “Playa Pimpin'” is the strongest track on the album. It's hypnotic. I could loop it for days and stare at the glow-in-the-dark stars hanging on my ceiling. The opening, calming lullaby instrumental takes you into a track worthy of Three 6 playback. Cashy aka Dolla, while energized and wild on the whole project, falls asleep at the mic for a minute on this track, snatching up your girl before bedtime. “She gon' need surgery, I took your bitch, no burglary.” I demand a music video for it. “Oh, that's ya girl? Well, Iaineeeknoit.” Next level. “100, keep that shit platinum, stay stuntin' on hunnids, on the low, ya feel me?” These are the beats DJ Mustard wishes he was making. This is the project Trinidad James wishes he could create. Cashy seems to be right around the corner, waiting for his title. So hype.
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