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Hotel Paranoia: Jazz Cartier's Newest Conceptual Monster

Last year, the artwork for Jazz Cartier's debut release, Marauding in Paradise, instantly caught my attention. The red statues appearing as mystics within a fable led to me pressing play and discovering the aggressive and expressionistic world of the Toronto talent. The sixteen songs (...


Tracking Ten Tunes: Too Much Music, Never Enough Music

[Art by WorkTheAngle]

The time is right now. I've let my SoundCloud likes stack up for far too long and now it's time to talk about ten recent singles that I feel are worthy of inclusion on our weird (yet respectful) blog. Instrumentals, remixes, hip-hop singles. I try to keep it electic. Let me know what I missed in the comment section below....


Olli's Short, Calming Instrumentals: A SoundCloud Rundown

I didn't know anything about producer Olli back in 2015. But that shit is in the past, as I'm not fully invested in the steady supply of releases via Olli's SoundCloud page. Here's what you need to know:

He's from Finland.

He's 15.

He's in love.

He's heavily inspired by the...


Watch Producer/Alien Ru AREYOU Stumble Through Sacramento

“Hi! I saw you land! Where did you come from?”

In “From”, Sacramento producer Ru AREYOU's new music video, we see our producer protagonist fall from the sky and stumble throughout his new surroundings. The world is psychedelic, glitched out, and kaleidoscopic. The footage acts simplistically, but the editing and the instrumental are both pristine. The video, which clocks in at under two minutes, will hold your attention, acting almost as a...

Eating Shrimp & Broccoli with V. Don, Da$h, and Sha Hef

I'm guilty of listening and watching anything released by New Jersey native Da$h. I've always compared the lyricist to a more drug-fueled and narcissistic version of Action Bronson, as they both envelop the use of hallucinatory imagery that I've always found to be impressive.

Most recently, Da$h added a guest verse to the song “Shrimp and Broccoli” by Harlem rapper V. Don. The track, which also features Sha Hef, received the visual...

On the Way to Mexico from Baton Rouge

Welcome to the Bloglin, where we cover avant-garde short films next to bedroom pop full-lengths next to bass-heavy thick trap music. The latter of these is what's being covered right now, as Baton Rouge rapper 3T Brax aka Bapestazbrax (who is currently locked up at the moment) released a five song...


Pollàri Drops Four Songs, Crafts an Audible Clothing Line

Losing absolutely no stream, Pollàri is back with another EP. Directly following his OFFWITHHISHEAD EP, which dropped last month, he delivers yet again with the four song lil llari Spring/Summer '16. Perhaps acting as a short teaser (a lookbook, if you will) to his fictional clothing line, Pollari gives us four songs in the dead of winter...


Eli Kahn Finds 'Inner Peace', Gets Jazzy After Ours

I have a friend from back home who continues to astound me with his musical creations. First, it was working with The B.E.AT., who have been featured on the Bloglin in the past. Then it was his assistance with rap duo Billy East and Wally West, together known as East Meets West.

Most recently, however, Eli has strayed away (albeit only slightly) from the hip-hop world, focusing...


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