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Review: @SageStarkiller - Love & Future Funk Sessions

By neonpajamas, 07/27/2014 - 11:00am

Sage Starkiller is from another planet. If you found him on Soundcloud, you wouldn't know where he was from. At the moment, his location is "Planet Vegeta, Japan." The mysterious producer is an anime/video game fanatic. He samples Kingdom Hearts on "Whose Memories Are These?" interlude. Sage is also a retro groove enthusiast, an artist who turned his newest full-length, Love & Future Funk Sessions, into a dancefloor fever dream at midnight. On one of Jupiter's moons.

While his Soundcloud is full of remixes, collaborations, and a steady stream of independent loosies, Love & Future Funk Sessions is a full-length vision. It is also the first full-length release for Dream Ocean Records, a label consisting of half a dozen artists who release the waviest of songs, sometimes with names like "Lemonade Bath."

Love & Future Funk Sessions finishes at a little over half an hour and, at nine tracks, and could be considered an LP or an EP. Or just a free mixtape. Regardless, the tracks contained within this project paint a vibrant picture of an artist's imagination. 

Tracks like “Moonlight Aigis” and “Stepping into Tomorrow” (those horns!) take you into a futuristic night club, a dance party with robots and glow-in-the-dark drinks. Meanwhile, tracks like “La Fuego” (which samples a No Doubt cover), finishing piece “Tsukuyomi”, and even the opener “Where Does it Take You?” present chillwave results and lift dreamscape hallucinations into obtainable portraits.

Call it vaporwave, call it space lounge, call it whatever you want: Sage Starkiller's Love & Future Funk Sessions is a relaxing, complex instrumental release, worthy of a short film being made to accompany the audio.

Neon and full of energy, this collection of work is something that shouldn't go overlooked when discussing the musical strength located within Chicago. After all, you will be hearing Sage Starkiller on W2NDCH2LL: Beach Season coming soon. It's destiny.

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