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Three Ways to Prepare for True Detective Season 2

True Detective is returning in June and I can't wait.

With a whole new cast, a whole new premise, and a whole new shooting location (apparently taking place in the desert of California), season two has some promise.

The gothic crime series had one hell of a first season, quite possibly the best first season of any show I have ever seen. I don't watch that much television, so many my opinion means nothing, but goddamn was that a good first...


Five Chicago Singles for Your Thursday

I write about and praise a great deal of Chicago producers on this blog and I write about and praise a great deal of music outside of Chicago, but it's rare that I discuss hip-hop singles from Chicago that I enjoy. That being said, they are constantly playing in my car and through my computer's speakers. With that in mind, it's only right that I present to you five tracks from out of Chicago (with vocalists) that have really impressed me recently.



A Desert Oasis: JahRas Offer Free Food (@TheJahRas)

Following the unfortunate split of production trio OnGaud, I'm thankful that all members are doing their damn thing; Bryan has kept the name OnGaud and continues to tour with Mick Jenkins; SolarFive released a strong solo album earlier this year; and Billy has linked up with producer/violinist...


Top Five Guaranteed Ways to Sneak into a Music Festival

[Editor: With the second weekend of Coachella quickly approaching and "festival season" entering full force, contributing writer Mark Wilson gives us five tips to ensure your entrance into your favorite festival, with or without a ticket.]

5.) Ghillie Suit

The Ghillie suit method is flawed only in the foresight it...


Socially Experimenting with Sunday Candy (@DonnieTrumpet @chancetherapper @AustinVesely)

It's SaveMoney season this April and it's looking like it'll seep into May.

Along with the smash “U Mad” with Vic Mensa and Kanye West that dropped last week, SaveMoney general Chance The Rapper and his army of Social Experiment misfits let loose the visuals to their drive-in theatre, soda bar sing-a-long “Sunday Candy.” Something for your grandma. Something for your daughter.


The Revolution is on Soundcloud: Socially and Politically Charged Hip-Hop in 2015

If you've been in the hip-hop loop at all in the past year, you've (hopefully) noticed a resurgence in socially and politically minded hip-hop.

Perhaps it has to do with the ongoing struggle with black Americans getting harassed and murdered by authority figures. Perhaps it has to do with lyrical sages creating emotionally charged music that resonates with the struggling general public.

To catch you up to speed and to provide a nice rundown of some music of...



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