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The World Needs Psychedelics More Than Ever (Pt. 7, Medicinal MDMA)

LSD, DMT, psilocybin and ayahuasca have a long history of life changing and therapeutic benefits, curing all sorts of things like depression, drug addiction, PTSD and some claim even cancer. Scientific research into medicinal applications of these psychedelics is in revival, the first since the 60s.

It is old hat to the common psychonaut that the inner journeys and epiphanies experienced on mushies, LSD and...

Lemonade Poetry Clowns: An Exclusive Interview with Bianca Casady of CocoRosie

My history with experimental and inventive psych folk act CocoRosie begins almost a decade after they formed. I found out about the two sisters (Bianca and Sierra Casady) ages ago, but didn't start listening until 2012, when my friend played me "Lemonade" and I had it on repeat the remainder of the night (and the next day, and the next). From there, I dove headfirst into their abstract and colorful discography...


Kev, Clops, and Deacon Take to The Woods

Bay Area rap trio made up of Kev, Clops, and Deacon stepped onto our radar last month after releasing the music video for "Quote Me". Contributing Bloglin writer ANIMALKRACKA aka K.E.V.O.R.K.I.A.N. aka Kev put us on to his mayhem and creativity happening up near the Pacific. After the lead single, the three artists followed up with The...

The World Needs Psychedelics More Than Ever (Pt. 6, The Easiest Hardest Laugh to Laugh)

One night I was on a now forgotten preparation, scamping about for what seemed like eternity, in an absolute furore searching for my half eaten packet of Burger Rings. It was driving me batty. I JUST had them, they were JUST here. How could the Burger Rings totally disappear?? How is this even possible? How can it even work!? I was crazed. I checked the place and its furniture, over and over again, minute after minute, desperately scanning for visual cues to...

tnght/tmrw Recruits JSSX for New Single "4AM"

"4AM" is the newest single from Dallas producer tnght/tmrw. We've covered him a bit on the site, as well as documenting plenty of movements from his duo OurSkeletonBones. Now he recruits vocalist "JSSX" for the new track, one we are happy to premiere for you today. Opening on a somber and...


The World Needs Psychedelics More Than Ever (Pt. 5, Scared of Ayahuasca?)

Ayahuasca is one of the most potent hallucinogens on the planet. This powerful brew will transform a person’s life. Often used by people suffering from drug addiction and trauma, the medicine hands your ass to you on a platter. She takes no prisoners, dislodges and uncovers all your deepest fears and issues and demands you face them...in a loop...until you do. Her trip is one of the most terrifying and harrowing hells you’ll...


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