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Sahtyre's LSD: Saga to be Ingested All at Once (@Sahtyre)

LA rapper Sahtyre grabbed my attention when he first started unleashing the singles for a project that would eventually become LSD: Saga.

Back when they were just singles, I dove into tracks like “Vice City” and “Prince Thunder”, perfect songs for a mix for the car ride to work. Perfect songs for a headphone party, for a smoke session at 5:00 a.m.

Because the music impressed me and I was fascinated with both...


Exploring Desire and Repression with David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars

The latest from David Cronenberg, the undisputed king of psychosexual exploration on film, is not for everyone. Maps to the Stars doesn’t tell a story so much as sketch an impression of psychic reality, and it trades less in actual characters than fun representational vehicles for celebrity figures like Justin Bieber, Kris Jenner, and Lindsay Lohan. In an era of synthetic experience via social media and reality television, this can be a highly effective device. By...


Get to Know: Chicago Duo Moon and Ju (@MoonAndJu)

Am I late to the party or right on time?

Interesting side story: at the beginning of 2014, I paid a visit to Jugrnaut in Chicago to interview producer Thelonious Martin. While I was waiting, I was walking around the store (admiring the Mishka gear), when a kid stopped me and asked me if I made music. I told him no, but that I was waiting for an...


Wrestlemania 31, As Told By @ohaileigh & @gnarly_race

In American culture, people gather to celebrate the largest sporting event of the year with food, friends, and booze. This event also incites many promotions in the business and retail world, and is even watched by some for it's commericals and halftime show. This event is called the SuperBowl. Normal people watch the SuperBowl. Here at Mishka, we are not normal, and to some of us, the SuperBowl pales in relevance to our favorite sports entertainment event of the...

10 Projects Mishka Records Released in Winter 2015

Winter has come to a close. Ice still hangs from the Chicago houses and no one is safe quite yet, but according to humanity's calendars and the stars above, we have now entered spring.

As a result, I found it fitting to provide a recap for our readers on the ten Mishka Records releases we provided; ten projects...


Oceano's Crushing Comeback: Ascendants (@oceanometal)

I’m going to get this out of the way right at the start here: Ascendants, Oceano’s newest album, is one of the most tightly packaged deathcore efforts I’ve ever heard. And holy fuck is it H E A V Y.

Oceano have been in the game since 2006, releasing a one-two punch of well-received studio albums in ‘09 and ‘10. Three years went by, with rumors brewing that the band had called it quits, before the release of...


H&M Faked It Until Someone Else Made It

Readers around these parts should be well aware by now that if they want to be cool, they need to listen to some form of heavy metal. Maybe something referential like Sabbath,  but preferably something obscure and foreign and maybe questionable. So yeah, like Sabbath. Fashion giant H&M knows all too well what kids are into these days, so they decided to create a line of "heavy metal" inspired apparel. They delved deeply into the...



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