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No Your City Episode 5: Hanksy

For the fifth episode fo No Your City, we follow the street artist Hanksy as he tags the city. While other famous street artists are deadly serious, and heavy on the plolitical "ART" part of street art (Banksy I'm looking at you), Hanksy has a lot more fun with his art. His work falls somewhere between the best puns on Bob's Burgers and the funniest shit people scratched into desks in junior high school. Tour the...


No Your City Episode 4: The Pacifist Clown

A heavily bearded white man, wearing a Captain America costume, with frilly butterfly wings, and a giant fake ass approaches you holding a sign that reads "LOVE". He's screaming, doing a weird lil jig, and previously proposed to a woman walking a couple steps ahead. There's a fanny pack involved. This is the pacifist clown, a man named Matthew Silver who's waged a one man mission to bring smiles and love to the faces of New Yorkers through his bizzarre outfits, and...


No Your City Episode 3: Don Ward

For the third episode of the No Your City series, we link up with shoe shine man extraordinaire Don Ward. A throwback to the old NYC people speak about with reverence (whether they actually experienced old NY or not); Don gives people one of the best shoe shines in the city, insults people, and entertains simultaneously. While most of us here don't wear shoes on a regular basis, we definitely appreciate fresh footwear and dudes who carve out their own...

No Your City Episode 2: Te'Devan

The second episode of our new documentary series on unique New Yorkers—No Your City—is here for your perusal. Last week's episode featured a rickshaw driver named Shaun, who does acrobatic tricks while dressed as Spiderman. This week's episode features a 6' 7" rapping Jew named Te'Devan. While Jewish people are no strangers to rap (...


Reginald Pean Brings Death's Concubines To 350 Broadway

Reginald Pean, in his own words, "creates Orphic scenes that evoke a dystopian celestial afterlife where lust is law. Contradictions abound the canvas; psychedelics clash with the darkness, sexuality and mysticism forge a star-crossed pairing and the Grim Creeper is master of the realm." His work presents dark and morbid elements reimagined in casual scenes that evoke irreverence and levity. Death hasn...

Мишка SF Turns 1, Come Celebrate You Twerps

Mishka SF... One year old. We never thought we'd see the day. Actually, we did—we totally did—but like, when people say shit like, "we never thought we'd see the day" it's usually mad emoshunal n evocative. N I'M TRYNA EVOKE WIT U, MA. That's why I want you AND ALL UR FRIENDS to come join the Mishka fam on the Left Coast for the glorious occasion. Mishka SF is turning the big O N E in style. Da Capo: Greg Mishka AKA TWERPS will be in attendance. PBR will flow like......


Ultrus Bog Kicks Aquaman's Ass

Ultrus Bog has had just about enough of Aquaman littering the bogs of the world with whatever he sees fit.  The creature has emerged with a new taste for vengeance in Sofubi straight from Japan.  This incarnation of the Skinner creation is hand painted by Frank Kozik.  The eight inch tall monster comes with a signed and numbered header.   Will you be one of the lucky ones and get your hands of the edition...


Judith Supine Is The Golden Child


This Saturday, at the Mecka Gallery in Brooklyn, street artist Judith Supine will be having an exhibition of his most recent works. Yes "his". Despite having a name that would be perfect for a sensual female werewolf, Judith is the nome de plume of the Brooklyn based street artist known for his provocative...

Joseph Ari Aloi AKA JK5


JK5 is a world renowned artist, painter, toy designer, graphic designer, and graf head. He's essentially like a million dudes you know, but he actually makes money from his art. His work draws from the worlds of mythology and sci-fi, and...



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