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For those in the north, this winter was a brutal, soul sucking pit of despair and darkness. Artists there have nothing to do but hide out in their studios and create. Finally though, spring has sprung and some of that pent up creativity is gushing forth from the epicentre of dark music that is Toronto and with it comes Vierance's new EP Semblance, which is the first release from...

Memorial Celebration And Fundraiser For Ease DaMan

image To celebrate the life of Ease Damn, and raise funds for his son, we're helping to sponsor a memorial party at Sway on Thursday night. Music will be handled by DJ Schoolboy, Chad Dubz, Roofeo, Roxy Cottontail, Lauren Flax and Prince Terrence. We'll be sending Ease off in the way most appropriate to his...

UnReal: Magickal Sounds, Words, and Events to (re)Move Your Soul

The online landscape abounds with collectives. They seem to take every conceivable form and permutation, often to the point that many feel like nothing more than absurd mad libs using combinations of words like post/fashion/curatorial/art/blog/wave. Some hang around while others fade from relevancy faster than they can build an audience. Their staying power is often determined by a unity of purpose and quality...

Letter From Your Dealer

1.8avon Sup dude. I wanna thank you for spending the money you make at your shitty job trying to forget you work at a shitty job. I really really appreciate the excess amount of crap I’m able to buy due to your continued addictio- ahem support. I’m writing you this letter because some of you are certainly...


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