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Death Adder Shoe Charm

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Death Adder Shoe Charm is finally here! Get 1 one or get 5. Live your life.

  • Our shoe charms are made of high-quality non-toxic waterproof PVC plastic material. The anchor is made of hard plastic which will not fall off easily while perfectly getting the button through the hole.
  • EASY TO USE AND DECORATE: Using the shoe charms to decorate your shoes when you play on the beach, or at a party, the charms will make your shoe fun and unique.
  • HOW TO USE: Push the charm in at a 45 degree in the desired hole, and push downwards until the black pack of the charm snaps into place, after turning it to the desired direction. To take it off, slowly push the charm upward from the inside of the shoe, while flexing the shoe to remove the charm. Don't pull upward or you may tear the hole.

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