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On My Own: The New World of Brooklyn's blasé

Definition of blasé: unimpressed or indifferent to something because one has experienced or seen it so often before.

Step inside the world of blasé, a new duo seeping out of Brooklyn's competitive and creative music scene. If the definition up above is any insight into their outlook, it should be clear that this duo is going against the grain, focusing on originality rather than simply...


Managing Your Résumé in a Post Apocalyptic Wasteland

Finding work in a dystopian future under the rule of a perverse and corrupt overlord can be tough. If we learned anything from Mad Max: Fury Road, it's that you have to be really passionate about what you do to succeed, and even then, sometimes you have to carve out a niche and just hope that it evolves into a long and prosperous career. Many take the easy route and pigeonhole themselves into the dead end job of: Murdering Goon. It’s a quick fix and pays well...


Freeform Evolution: An Unplugged Interview with Stefan Meier (@ZootedLiving)

Originally from Oak Park, Illinois, artist Stefan Meier has been bouncing around Chicago all of his life. Not your traditional artist, Stefan paves his own lane by mixing abstract, freeform messages with unique, expressionistic design and apparel. It was with his vision and with his hands that the brand Zooted Living was created.

When I meet with Stefan for an interview, he's embroidering free lines and zigzags onto a...


Five Videos to Remind Us Summer is on the Way


Today I'd like to highlight five artists from all over who are on the rise; five names heating up as the summer is less than a month away. Keep watch for these five artists who are gaining traction, a warm remind that summer is about to be in full effect.

Starfoxlaflare - Crack...



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