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SSION - Luvvbazaar (Twirl! Remix) [Track Premiere]

By Behold the Destroyer, 03/26/2013 - 12:58pm
408444_520315381336197_1356340150_n Coming deep from Chicago's dance music scene is Twirl! (please use the exclamation point) a new party kicking off on April 11th. Twirl! is made up of resident DJs Alinka, Mr. White, and Shaun J. Wright, whom collectively plan on generating enough dance fueled body heat to forcibly bring Spring to the Chicago metro area. To get everyone in the mood for the atmosphere and experience they'll be experiencing at the their parties, Twirl have released a remix of SSION's "Luvvbazaar". Strong house grooves on this one. Maybe you throw this on and bust a lil two step in the break room at work. Get the blood pumping, burn some calories while you heat up leftovers from the Olive Garden in the microwave. Hopefully the song inspires you t have a love bazaar in your own life. Not sure what a love bazaar is technically, but I'm pretty sure it's the classy way of saying you're having an orgy. I'm with classy shit like that. Check out Twirl! on Soundcloud for some of their mixes to further get you in the mood for dancing sweating, and potentially "love bazaars". Twirl! Thursday April 11th, 2013 Berlin 954 West Belmont Ave Chicago, IL
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