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Mishka Presents: Gloss Gang Shut Down this Saturday in Brooklyn (@GlossGang)

Saturday is the day. Meet us at the function. Rap group Gloss Gang are throwing a warehouse party at The Muse in Brooklyn and it'd be foolish to do anything else that night.

Mishka is sponsoring the event and we will be having a giveaway at some point in the evening. Win some free swag just for being present at the event.

Curated by Jasani Jacobs and hosted by Creative Gold and Rellie Relz, as well as Bella and...


A Supreme Drift: Digesting Ratatat's Magnifique (@ratatatmusic)

The Ratatat album leaked last week and was officially released today. I've been listening ever since the (early) drop and scattering my thoughts throughout this article. 

It's been years since we last heard a Ratatat album. Well, a new Ratatat album. I listen to Ratatat almost every week, but they haven't done anything official since LP4 in 2010.

They took myself and countless others by surprise when they returned from the dusty shadows in 2015...


58 Minutes of Mishka Records: A Mix for Summer (@thrdsuk)

(Photo by Ryan Dorgan)

Fashion and style website THRDS out of the UK recently reached out to me about doing a mix for them.

Being as THRDS is a site that focuses on apparel and brands, I decided to take the time to craft a mix featuring only releases from Mishka Records.

While most of the tracks are from 2015 releases, I also included a handful of my favorite past...


On My Own: The New World of Brooklyn's blasé

Definition of blasé: unimpressed or indifferent to something because one has experienced or seen it so often before.

Step inside the world of blasé, a new duo seeping out of Brooklyn's competitive and creative music scene. If the definition up above is any insight into their outlook, it should be clear that this duo is going against the grain, focusing on originality rather than simply...

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